A play by 3 people. 

Do the voices in your head ever give you a rest? Mary's voices of reason, fear, and impulse have taken over to make some serious decisions in her love life.

Creator-Performers: Nohemi Camacho, Peter Lane, Simone Nibbs

Party of One



A collaborative improvised performance piece.


Crosspoints used movement to evoke a sense of confusion as we all try to locate ourselves in space, time, and direction. 

Creator-Performers: Nohemi Camacho, Peter Lane, Simone Nibbs

Do You: Migration of the Monarchs

☆WINNER of 2017 O FACE AWARD ( Most Orgasmic Performance )☆

Friday, July 27th 2017 - 7:30pm
Saturday, July 28th 2017 - 10:30pm

 "Inspired by the seasonal migration of Monarch butterflies in nature, “Do You: Migration of The Monarchs” is a journey to our “Promised Land”. Like one reggae song, “Promised land” is a state of mind. This means to me one’s higher self or true fulfillment in Life. It reflects my personal journey of migrating from South Korea to Los Angeles to find my voice and freedom as an LGBTQ identified artist. It is a story about a realization in one’s power dynamics through the transformations of the identity and how it can evoke the shift in others and society. 

  “Do You: Migration of the Monarchs” takes the audience on a shamanistic journey through a series of sexually charged gender redefining performance vignettes. Burlesque and Cabaret merge with Victorian esthetics, Butoh, Kabuki, and ‘Pansori’ (traditional Korean singing) to create a cathartic act of experiential research into the psyche of the performer. Yozmit projects the internal act of healing through embodying beauty so that the audience may simultaneously experience inner peace and inspiration. 

 Yozmit has performed internationally in Korea, France, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Bulgaria and many cities in America. Yozmit is a headliner for The Box, NYC and London and also performed at MoMA for Marina Abramovic.

  *"Do You" means “Doing You”, “Realizing SELF”."


The Creature Show

A completely devised collaborative piece containing bits of clowning, realistic and surrealist acting, masks, and inanimate objects. 

with texts written by Peter Lane, Celia Dufournet, and Simone Nibbs

Creator-Performers: Celia Dufournet, Maritza Gregoire, Peter Lane, Irfana Majumdar, Simone Nibbs, Davis Saul.

Yozmit and Simone stand in matching green onesies in front of a giant inflatable black bull

Where is Tiny?

A 10 minute interactive children's piece featuring storytelling, a basic introduction to corporeal mime, and an inflatable full body mask named Tiny.

Costumed by Yozmit. 

Creator-Performers: Yozmit, Peter Lane, Simone Nibbs

Performed at Pomona College for visiting elementary school students March 31, 2017


The Mysterious Island

A collaborative devised performance piece that used mime, storytelling and song.


It was created around the theme of ocean pollution and performed for two or three classes of children. 

Creator-Performers: Celia Dufournet, Maritza Gregoire, Peter Lane, Irfana Majumdar, Simone Nibbs, Guarav S, Davis Saul. 


The Potter

A collaboratively created performance for AMOCA museum's Night at the Museum gala.


This performance contained a slow-walk, fire spinning, and a choreographed movement sequence that was performed on pedestals in the museum among the art/visitors. 

Creator-Performers: Celia Dufournet, Peter Lane, Simone Nibbs, and Davis Saul