Other (please specify):

Born from the desire to make sense of the disconnect between self-identity and the way the world insists on seeing us, Other (please specify): is a one person show about identity, community, and never quite fitting in. It is ostensibly about multiracial identity, and hopes to present some aspects of the experience that are often overlooked or simply ignored.  Other (please specify): strives to combine a movement score created in the tradition of Corporeal Mime with text in the style of Verbatim Theater to create something that provides representation while sharing the experiences of people who are not often given the space to express themselves on these topics.

Blue Room

It started with a box. A small wooden box with ornate carvings and metal hinges. Begun in January of 2016 (but conceived and set aside the summer before), there are currently four of six parts complete, and a chair has been added to the mix. This piece explores opposites, potential, and balance. 

Text is original text by Simone Nibbs, and explores loneliness, depression, and fear of not living up to one's potential wrapped inside the description of parallel mirror worlds. 

This piece has been performed 4 times for public audiences.

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