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Simone Nibbs

Corporeal Mime

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5+ sets of socked feet/leggings and text: Unbound Collective Presents Mime Workshop vol.2 4/20/2019
Anchor 1


Still from a mime performance. Simone is off balance, small wooden box on the floor. black curtains

Blue Room

In an art gallery.Simone in foreground face left, holding box. Man in back with 1 hand raised.

Cities and Dragons

Video still. Simone bent forward and shrugging. phone sits on chair behind. Black curtains behind.

Other (please specify):

Current PIeces

corporeal mime

Technique, improvisation, the synthesis of new works, creative collaboration....


Workshops, intro classes, overview classes, specialty training, private lessons...


Short plays, one-woman-shows, dungeons and dragons campaigns, graphic novel concepts...


The interview, the editing, the memorization, and the performance....


t-shirt tied to a stick coming out of black curtains and dangling in front of an oscillating fan

The Creature Show

Two man wrapped in black curtains, holding scripts and hugging. Arms pull the curtain around them

Stage Plays

Simone, clothes, body, and hair wrap covered in clay. wearing striking makeup. doing mime.

The Potter

many children in foreground. Group of actors with flag, sticks, boxes and sheets making a boat

The Mysterious Island 

Other Work


Simone in a black long sleeved dress in a shadowy place against a concrete wall, half-smiling

   Simone is a performing artist currently based in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, she moved out west to attend Pomona College in Claremont, CA, fell in love with a little known artform called Corporeal Mime, and decided to relocate there so that she could continue to study it in a more serious capacity.


She enjoys learning new skills, creative outlets of almost every variety, and not taking herself too seriously. 

In March of 2018, she followed a lingering feeling, that she'd regret not living abroad, and put her creative works aside for a few years to devote herself to a full-time teaching position in Japanese public schools.


While there she rekindled a forgotten interest in brush calligraphy, was forced to discover and develop her own illustration style, and burned out spectacularly.

Before the pandemic, she taught a couple of Introductory Corporeal Mime workshops, performed a mime piece in a show in Nagoya, was movement consultant to a local production of an original play, and did a few photoshoots with photographer Geoffrey Griggs.  


She is currently working on refining the skills she (re)gained while teaching, resurrecting her inner artist, and regaining a sense of self and purpose while looking for her next professional adventure.






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