Written Plays

The Sacrifice

Written for Eastside Queer Stories, this is a one act play about a young woman who is sent to be the bride of the Vampire Lord her town has been sending virgin sacrifices to for generations.


There are lots of things that the townspeople misunderstand about their supposed overlord and Rue finds them out firsthand. 

This play will be produced at UTC in LA as part of the Eastside Queer Stories play festival 2017 by Q Youth Foundation.


Plays About Sam

A pet project and mental health outlet, this is a collection of short scenes between Sam (a mildly neurotic character with no social filter) and a few of the most important people in their life.


Sam has a tendency to say the things they are thinking without hesitation, and this often leads to turmoil. 

Starship 300 

Written for Eastside Queer Stories 2017, this one act play follows the story of two young women, Terra and Lyra, who live on a Starship as they navigate the unclear waters of friendship between queer women.